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The houses consist of students from grades 1 to 12 who collaborate to earn 35,000 points for each house on Liveschool.

Students can use these points to buy whatever they want at the school store. SocPrep went a step further, we are motivating our students to earn more points collectively as a group. Once each house meets their POINTS goal they will earn $2,000 by the end of semester one.

$1,000 will be used for a Full Blast SocPrep dance party and the other $1,000 will be donated to charities that each house supports.

The objective is for our students to work collectively for self-enrichment and in turn enrich the community around them.


Maura Gallagher - Age 14
Samuel Konkol - Age 16
Samuel Eisenberg - Age 16
Sebastian Nibbe - Age 7
Rhys Ayers - Age 6
Isabella Otero - Age 8
Diangelo Rivera - Age 8
Margaret Kuffskie - Age 12
Margaret Kuffskie - Age 12
Juan Rivera - Age 14
Juan Rivera - Age 14
Adrian Pusarik - Age 14
Margaret Kuffskie - Age 12
Olivia Sacca - Age 14
Blake Buffington - Age 15
Allana Wheeler - Age 18
Allana Wheeler - Age 18
Makenzie Rodriguez - Age 17
Blake Buffington - Age 15
Gabriela Gilmonio - Age 12

Socrates Preparatory School is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable educational organization founded on the principles of Socratic inquiry-based education.


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